Career Opportunities

Careers at the DMRC

DMRC is dedicated to making the Diego Martin Region the best place to live. We are the fourth largest Municipality providing essential services and facilities to nearly 101, 500 people.

We need people to share our dedication to the Diego Martin Region, take pride in what they do, are accountable, passionate about service, respectful and can work in a team. With over 600 staff filling a diverse range of roles there are always plenty of career opportunities available.


Our Employees Model Our Corporation Values

Achieving our purpose requires great people who are bright, creative and energetic.

To learn more about ways you can participate in the DMRC or for other Questions please contact the Labour Department in the Administrations Building on the Diego Martin Main Road.

Some of the jobs at DMRC are:

Electrician                                 Rodent Control Evaluator                               Trademan Assistant

Checker                                    Greaser                                                             Loader

Truck Driver                            Steel Bender                                                     Underground Worker

Road Overseer                        Tyreman                                                             Sanitation Worker

Sanitation Overseer               Storeshand                                                          Labourer

Carpenter                                Handyman                                                          Female Labourer

Mason                                      Semi Skilled Labourer