Our History



Conquest and colonization by the British towards the turn of the 18th Century made way for the English – type Municipalities. It was the Ordinance of the Regulation of Municipal Corporation enacted on 19th August 1853 that empowered the granting of corporate status to those municipalities.

With the establishment of the County Council system in Trinidad and Tobago in 1945, the Diego Martin Region was part of the St George (west) County Council. 

In 1990, the Country Councils in Trinidad were abolished, Local Government boundaries rearranged, and the number of local authorities increased. The Country Councils Act and the legislations governing the Port of Spain, San Fernando, Arima and Point Fortin Municipal Corporations were repealed. They were replaced by one consolidated legislation, The Municipal Corporations Act 21 of 1990 that granted Corporate Municipal status to all Local Government bodies in Trinidad.

 The Legislation Governing the Port of Spain City Corporation provided the super structure for Act 21 of 1990. The Municipal Corporations (amendment) Act No. 8 of 1992 merged some of the regions to make 9 regional Corporations, reducing the number of Municipal Corporations to 14.

The DMRC is an organisation that has emerged from a history of control by one political party over 30 years, into a promising, but more challenging era of having to navigate its path involving three political parties.