Our Services


The Roles and Responsibilities

As the fourth largest Municipal in the country, the DMRC Council is responsible for ensuring that our 101, 162 residents are well governed and provided for.

Many important services are administered on behalf of the Diego Martin Region and the community through the DMRC, ministries, agencies and other special purpose bodies, each having its own relationship with the DMRC. However many services are administered through the corporation.

Functions of the Diego Martin Regional Corporation  

  1. Collection and disposal of garbage
  2. Construction and maintenance of roads (other than main roads and highways) including the provision and maintenance of related drains, bridges, sidewalks and street signs
  3.  Street-lighting
  4. Provision and maintenance of the minor water courses
  5. Provision, maintenance and control of public cemeteries and cremation facilities
  6. Provision and maintenance and regulation of public retail markets and slaughter-houses
  7. Inspection of buildings  and building sites
  8. Approval of building and housing development plans
  9. Cleaning of public spaces
  10. Insect vector, rodent and canine control
  11. Disaster management
  12. Distribution of truck-borne water, in the dry season, to areas without pipelines
  13. Assessment and collection of land and building taxes (in cities and boroughs at present)
  14. Establishment municipal Bye-laws and policies to regulate their functions
  15. Enforcing municipal Bye-laws through the municipal police

 Each municipal corporation is required to have a Municipal Police Service, members of which are given precepts to:

  • Enforce the bye-laws and other regulations of the Municipal Corporation
  • Monitor and carry out general surveillance of  the Corporation’s property, assets and personnel
  • Provide escort services, as well as, security at council meetings, official functions and special events.
  • Detect and prevent socially deviant behavior such as illegal street vending, vandalism, and erection if illegal structures
  • Maintain domestic and tranquility and prevent crime in the municipality in collaboration with the central police service
  • Undertake community policing and related social services pertaining to poverty eradication, youth training and development, counseling and family rehabilitation
  • Arrest, execute warrants, detain and formally charge offenders of the law
  • Gather intelligence to prevent and detect crime, and to formulate security policies for the Municipal Corporation.

Apart from the above, Municipal Corporations in the cities boroughs also provide the following services:

  • Collection of dues and charges (Market and abattoir dues)
  • Issuing of food badges and Vending licenses