Strategic Objectives

Strategic Objectives

Serving our burgesses effectively- towards Diego martin becoming the best place to live in Trinidada and Tobago.


Towards more effective Management of Human Resources:

                To develop staff and equip leadership for greater productivity

                To improve communication, collaboration and working conditions

                To remove the unnecessary bureaucracy and design more efficient systems and processes


Towards healthy Ecomomic Growth and Development:

                To seize the most promising opportunities for economic growth and development-

                                Develop Eco  – Tourism

                                                         –  Blue Basin Falls

                                                         – National Parks (begin with the Water Wheel Park, which also has historical value)

                              Develop Agriculture

                                                         – Begin with Tucker Valley

                             Develop Education

                                                         – Begin with encouraging investors in a Tertiary Education Institution (there is none in the West)


 Towards a Green and Safe Environment:

                To create a green and safe environment

                                                      – Find working solutions to erosion for costal and hillside erosion

                                                      – Provide effective drainage and find solutions for all the root causes flooding and flash flooding

                                                      – Install and enforce working system  for healthy waste management

                                                      – Design and enforce an effective and responsive Disaster Preparedness Plan



 Towards more relevant and sustainable delivery of Social Services:

                To understand burgesses’ most deeply felt needs for services in a timely manner

                To deliver more effectively on burgesses’ most deeply felt needs for services

                                                    – Improve delivery of caring and effective Social Services

                                                    – Provide improved Security  < 24 Hour Police Patrol >

                                                    – Deliver Basic services and Infrastructure

                                                    – Increased access to services